Broadband Internet installation in schools, homes and offices where technologies such as fiber optics such networks are not yet available.

We install Local Area Networks(LANS) and Wide Area Networks(WANs) in residential flats and houses, government and private offices, schools, banks and any other premises that needs networks.

Depending on the premises needs we install wireless networks(e.g Wi-Fi), or wired networks using Ethenet and Fiber optics cables. Contact us today and enjoy our best services and prices.

Technologies specialization

Wiereless networks: Wi-Fi, Microwaves, Extensions using Nanostations

Wired networks: Fiber optics and Ethernet networs

Voice solutions: Voice Over IP(VoIP) office solutions

Xeen Networks provides network installation products and services to business instituions, schools and government organiations. We have expertise in working with major networking equipment manufactures such as Cisco, Ubiquity, and Juniper. Enjoy our discounted prices on all our products and services.

With the popularity of the Intenet Xeen Networks is working to make Intenet available to Kenyans, plans are underway to be able to work with major ISPs to ensure that Kenyans get access to the Internet at affordable prices.

Get in touch with us today for a secure, high perfomance computer or voice network.

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