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Xeen Networks belives in the application of ICT to ease business operations. We develop various kind of softwares to cater for client needs. Among them include:

Mobile applications-We develop both Android an IOS apps for clients. We aslo integrate web potals with your phone via an app making access to web and corporate information much easier.

Desktop applications for business data management. E.g POS softwares for retail and wholesale business, as well as any other type of custom software required based on the organization needs

Web applications These are required for users who need to access a large pool of shared information from different geographical areas such as learning institutions, real estate/property management and corporate portals

Banking applications These include financial applications such as SACCOs, banking and community self help groups that manage mebership/savings/banking accounts

Reasons to choose us..

1. Quality code and adequately documented software product. This ensures that the software developed fully adresses the business needs.

2. Exellent user support via phone, email and social media to solve any problems that may arise.

3. Fair costs that ensures that your spend only what you need to aquire the software system.

4. Timely delivery of your project. We strive to ensure that the software is delivered in time without delay.

5. Arrangement of other equipment needed such as computers and networking services and equipment

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